The dead arms tale

At  PT  we finally started with very light strength training. I first warmed up my shoulder with the usual exercises and then my PT showed me three different exercises to improve the  ROM  of my shoulder blade and to isolate the rotator cuff muscles and strengthen them at the same time.


The exercises did not include weights, just my own body weight and the weight of my arm. And for the beginning that was plenty too.

I was told “I  could experience fatigue around 30 reps”. Uh huh. My muscles were burning at….13!

Nevertheless, in the end I did 3x 30 reps and since it was oh so much fun, the same thing all over again. My arm felt dead after 180 of those, but I did it.




The goofball – PT from last week stopped by to say while my arm was being stretched to (almost) touch the table. He asked how I am doing and I told him “living the dream”.


I was surrounded by two other shoulder patients who did the exact same exercises as me, another person had hip pain and then there were tight hamstrings as well. I know all of those issues and can not recommend them.


My flexion with my R shoulder is at 175 degrees right now, sometimes I can tickle the   table behind me with my fingers but not every day. My PT said 180 degrees would be optimal but he is not going to push me to get there since I am borderline there already, at this point we will concentrate more on strengthening.




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