Stretching and dragons

Today I was back in my comfort zone – with “my” PT.

We did the usual exercises and he was happy with the ROM I have kept and some I have gained. Next week we will add strength training.




My shoulder shows big improvement on internal & external rotation and when I stretch my arms over my head, I am only three fingers width away from touching the table behind me.

I also can feel a significant difference in the movement of my shoulder blade. Yay!


One way to help go through tough exercises was talking about the new season of “game of thrones”. Time flew by and I was distracted from pain. Win win situation.





I also can lay in full “superman position” on the floor, stretching both arms straight out. I am not sure where this will get me in life, but it’s good to know.




As so in real life…



My nights are very mixed lately. I either sleep really good, then a few nights super bad and then so so. No real reason for it.


For the moment I am supposed to keep doing the same exercises as I have done so far. Some 3x a day, some 2x a day.


So far, so good. I am content with the progress.




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