Zombie nights

I guess my good night sleep spell is over.

My PT up-ed the abduction exercises from 5x/ twice a day to 10x/ twice a day and ever since I am back at having night pain; my shoulder, arm and shoulder blade area is aching like there is no tomorrow.




I am fine during the day but nights are crappy.

There is hardly any sleep, I can not find a comfortable position for my shoulder and arm and it’s not restful. I told my PT about it and we went back to 5x/ twice a day but I still can not sleep well, leave alone sleep through.




Yesterday was my day off from anything PT related, to give my muscles a rest. Rest is as important as using your muscles. It gives them time to restore.

I hope it did the trick and I can find some sleep again.



2 thoughts on “Zombie nights

    1. It’s tough. Can’t lay on my R shoulder long for obvious reasons and laying on my L rolls my shoulder forward and puts stress on it. 🙄
      Also doesn’t help to have hip problems again.

      Don’t have a recliner unfortunately. But thanks for the kind words. Nice to know there is somebody out there who gets it.

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