At my orthopedic surgeons office the nurse asked me how my shoulder is. I told her “much better. Not there yet but getting there.”

Then she wanted to know how  PT  is working for me and I said “good, it really helps me.” She looked really surprised and said “that’s great but….that’s not what we usually get to hear.” This made her day.

My  OS  was happy with the progress as well.




To be equal to my good side I am missing 26 degrees in flexion, 40 degrees in abduction and quite a bit in the back. Think “trying to reach your bra” and your hand gets stuck in no man’s land near the height of your jeans pockets. That still needs  A  TON  of work and attention.


For only doing  PT  since three weeks, he is super happy with the progress and even hinted at possibly going solo after completing my six week program with a home program. PT  is really worth it but paying each visit out of pocket, three times a week, is not very budget friendly.

I will do what they tell me to do but if I have reached that point when I can continue at home, I will do so. On the evaluation paper my  PT  had even written “the patient is extremely dedicated to home program.”




At  PT  itself I first was asked by another patient, who was laying on the table next to me, what I was there for. He himself is in it for a rotator cuff tear. When I told him “frozen shoulder”, he said “that’s not so bad”. Oooookay.




I always love it when people compare two different kind of injuries and then tell me “it’s not so bad.” Is it as bad as my hip fracture last year? No. It sucks in a different way but that still does not mean I am having a blast. An injury is an injury.


My PT checked with me how my appointment went and was glad my OS was happy. One big happy family there.

We repeated the same exercises as always and I gained another degree on flexion and 4 degrees on external ration since the day before yesterday. It’s the little things in life.





I still have a lot of problems with my tight pec minor muscle and if that is tight, it will pull the shoulder blade out of position, ergo the shoulder blade can not slide correctly which also means, the shoulder does not function properly. Ugh.




Or viewed in a more positive light, when the capsule gets more elastic, the shoulder blade will glide better or vice versa – whatever happens first. Till then, I keep stretching.



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