PT – more of the same

Good news first – I am sleeping better these days and my posterior range of motion is improving. I can reach my left hip with my “right” hand behind my back again. Everything is just better when you slept well the night before.




At PT we did the same exercises as last time. I learnt two new ones, one for flexion against the wall and the other one for abduction against the wall.




“Facing” the wall and sliding up, as much as I can is okay but “sideways” is difficult and much more restricted. I should try 10 of each every day and see how that goes.


Because my first follow up appointment with my OS is coming up, since I started PT, my  ROM  was measured.

I made  BIG  improvements since I started three weeks ago and even though the progress is slower now, it’s still steady. Gained another two degrees on my flexion compared to two days ago but overall I am still 20 degrees short, compared to my good side.





So I guess my least favorite exercise at PT will stick with me for a while. And if I say “least favorite”, I am being kind.

It is really tough when my PT flexes my arm as much as he can, preferably next to my ear and pushes it gently but firmly down 20 times. And each time a bit deeper as before! At the beginning it does not feel great but each time gets tougher while the last few ones are just sheer brutal.




I am still waiting for the big crack, to feel better, but it’s never coming. You know when sometimes your elbow feels funny, and once you bend and crack it, it feels better? That’s what I am waiting for. In vain.


My PT said I am making really good progress and with my discipline and good work ethics, showing up three times a week and doing my exercises 3x/ day at home, he is confident, I will make a speedy and full recovery. Music to my ears.





I never had anything with my shoulder before but this really taught me some respect for this joint and I also have more sympathy and empathy for people who have shoulder problems from now on.



Who can all relate to the picture of Leonardo??


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