Back to reality

Back from vacation, grinding it out. Literally.




My PT was happy seeing me back and we did the usual exercises. A lot of stretching, pulling and pushing of the shoulder, my shoulder blade got some love to slide better and I got to do two new exercises.


He also measured me and was pleasantly surprised. I did not only keep my current, overall ROM, I added one degree.

In his experience, most people don’t do their exercises on vacation and lose half their ROM. I kept up with them and got a bonus degree on top of it. Sweet.

A lady on the table next to me looked at me with an open mouth and asked “you actually do the exercises at home??” Well, yeah… isn’t that the point?




I also noticed that my shoulder and its muscles felt way loser in a warm place. On vacation I had more ROM and back home, where it had 26 F, everything got nice and tight again. Not cool.



Before I left, I got an invitation. A woman snuck up on me from behind and  whispered in my ear – an invitation for “the biggest day of the year.” (Creepy…)

Honestly – I had no idea what that meant, so I asked. The lady looked at me in a very puzzled way and repeated it “the most important day of the year is coming up!”

I still had no idea what she meant till she dropped a flyer into my lap and swooshed out the door…. an invitation to her church for Easter service. Aha.


Now I have a day off till we start all over again on Wednesday.













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