Month 4 of my frozen shoulder



I have now three weeks of physical therapy under my belt, another three are scheduled and then we’ll go from there. PT usually comes in six week kind of blocks.

I can already see differences in my shoulder. Some I am thrilled about, others I hardly see any improvement.


Good news first – FLEXION, is really coming along! It was modern day torture getting there but I am almost at where I should be. I can now reach my cabinets again, maybe not as fast reaching up as with the good shoulder, but I can.




EXTERNAL ROTATION – BIG  improvement. Also almost back to normal.

At least I can now rest my hand comfortably next to me on the pillow at night again. On good days I also “can” relax my hand on the matress again but not for long.


This is the position I mean and the kind of sleep I envy the little one for.



ABDUCTION is somewhat better, but not by much. For some reason my PT concentrates more on flexion. I asked him about it, if we also will work on abduction and he said “to a certain degree”. Huh??




I would not mind getting range of motion on that side back too.

We do work on it but somehow he puts more emphasis into flexion and I have not received a single home exercise for abduction in three weeks. Just saying…


GOING ACROSS THE CHEST still needs some love, like so….



….and anything  REACHING BEHIND ME  is more or less the same as when I started. That said – I was told  with adhesive capsulitis, the capsule is always tighter in the back and the posterior movements will come back last.


Another good news – I am not getting those evil zingers anymore. Sometimes I get them borderline but that’s about it. So I am guessing I am in the “frozen stage”.

I still get referring pain though and that’s a real bitch when not only my shoulder is aching but my biceps down to my elbow, sometimes all the way down my arm, the area of my shoulder blade or on real special days – everything at once.

Living the dream.





Sleeping is still a challenge because of night pain, but I think I have found a good solution for getting more relief of resting pain and better quality sleep.

Propping up my arm on two pillows at night! Pillows – my new bff’s!!!




To finish up, here are pictures which show my progress since last month.


March vs. April












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