The lovely ABC of a frozen shoulder





A = aches, adhesions, adhesive capsulitis, (medical) appointments

B = biceps pain, bruises, (medical) bills

C = cost (cash for PT)


D = discipline

E = exercise program for home, expenses

F = “blank” for….you-know-what!


G = grit

H = heating pad

I = Ibuprofen, icepack, inflammation


J = joint pain

K = “k.o.” feeling after PT

L = lots of everything – pain, time, PT, aching, cost, patience…


M = MRI, medical bills/ diagnosis

N = no explanations why I got it

O = orthopedic surgeon


P = physical therapy, pain

Q = (many, many) questions

R = refered pain, ROM


S = sleepless nights, stiffness, soreness

T = time spent at PT or in doctors offices, tears

U = uncertainty of how long it will take to recover


V = various stages to go through – freezing/ frozen/ thawing stage

W = waiting for better days

X = X-rays


Y = Yanking of the shoulder at PT

Z = zingers from hell



Which ones did I miss, what would you add?


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