Three times is NOT the charm.

Had my last PT for this week and I will never do it again, three consecutive days – three times PT.




For scheduling reasons I ended up with a different PT than my usual one. I usually have a guy, this time I had a woman, half my height.

Even though I was last year, after my hip fracture, with another PT, who is not working there anymore, she remembered me. She was nice and easy going, did the same exercises with me as I did with my other PT but I think she did them quicker and the stretches were deeper.

Where I am having a rough time, having my arm flexed parallel to my ear as much as I can, she cranked it even deeper.




The result was a miserable evening and a brutal night. My shoulder and complete arm was throbbing all through the fingertips. My arm felt heavy and just super bruised up on the inside, on a pain level I’d say 5/10. So, thanks a lot.




Fortunately I am now off and can give my body a rest. We are going on vacation in a few days but the pulley comes along. It might be vacation but the exercises need to keep on going.



5 thoughts on “Three times is NOT the charm.

  1. I thought already you might like it and can relate. Good luck with three appointments. If I have a day in between it’s okay but back to back to back was brutal.

    Btwm how do you likethe icepacks?

    I understand your desire to wanting to drive again. When I recovered from my fractured hip last year I was not allowed to drive for four months. That stretches.

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