Another day, another try

One crappy night later. I really have to come up with something for my nights. This can’t be it. Just when I think I found a good position, it lasts one night and then it’s back to square 1.

Yesterday was one of those nights. For the life of it, I could not find a position for my shoulder that was somewhat tolerable.


I was back at PT today too. Twice in less than 24 hours and tomorrow for the third time. Yikes. This was not my choice, the office is super busy and nothing else was available.

I know two PT sessions back to back are not great but three? That could turn out to be seriously not pretty.




Todays session was okay. I had a better table than yesterday and one of my table neighbors was sleeping and snoring under his icepack and the other one was a police officer in uniform.

I noticed some people tend to be very noisy when do their exercises. When I was sitting in my little corner, doing the pulley, I had two other patients close by and their noises sounded like I am in the wrong movie.




We did the same exercises as yesterday, my shoulder blade and tight neighborhood got special attention, they went okay but some still give me the feeling that just by leverage, my shoulder will pop out. My PT calmed me down and said “your capsule is way too tight for this to happen.” One advantage of being tight, I guess.


The “lets-put-her-arm-next-to-her-ear-and-press-down” exercise was pretty rough again. Rougher than yesterday, maybe because I was still a bit aching and sore from yesterday? (Boy, tomorrow should be real fun then…) It felt like with all the pushing, squeezing, moaning and groing, my shoulder is about to give birth. Honestly.

I did improve a ton already since the two weeks I am going. I came in with 90 degrees and am at about 160 degrees now. Not shabby.




Heatpad for the rest of the day, extra pillows for the night and for tomorrow? Bring it on.




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