Grinding it out

My day off from anything PT related was heaven. I do my exercises 6x a week, 3x every day, a total of 1.5 hours. Daily.

Sundays I give my body and my muscles a rest, to heal and restore.

Just peace and quiet.




Had another “date” with my PT today. Started off with me sitting in the waiting room, by myself (!) and some PT guy comes in, looks me straight in the face and asks “Gregory?? Are you Gregory?” (Do I look like a  GUY  called Gregory??) 





Today I ended up on the probably busiest table in the whole office. Right in the middle, where everybody  HAS  to pass. There was a constant drift from PT’s and patients passing. Truthfully, I am rather tucked away in a corner. Felt like being parked on a highway.


My PT could see more improvement on several angles. Everything is getting better. Not quite there yet but better is better.

I for myself can tell my reach is getting better and at night I can actually have my hand rest on the pillow again. That alone is worth a thousand bucks. Now if I just would manage to not wake up anymore every night at 03:15 am sharp! Why have an alarm clock if you can have an aching arm, taking care of it? Geez.




I also made more appointments. 3x a week for the next four weeks and we go from there.

My PT was very impressed by how much I have improved already and said, I am one of the few patients who actually consistantly does her homework and made future appointments already. One thing is for sure, I am organized.


Overall PT was okay today. The brutal stretches from last time were only “rough” today. Still not my favorites to do but an upgrade to being brutal. More of the same tomorrow.


A few days ago my pulley arrived in the mail. Looks like I will spend some quality time in front of my door from now on, ha.




And that’s it for today. Short and sweet.



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