Rough day at the PT office


'Now Mr Henshaw, let's see if we can't work some of that tension out of your neck.'


Last time PT for this week and the second time in the last 48 hours. Next week I will have three appointments in consecutive days. That should be fun…

I was pretty beaten up after todays session. I am not sure if it was because I did not have a day of rest in between or because today was really rough. Maybe both.


Did my usual exercises; pulley, pendulum and having my PT help me stretch. He wanted to show me a new stretch today and suggested, demonstrating it on the good shoulder first and when I did it, I got a big “oh……” from him. (I really hate this, when medical people look at X-rays or an MRI’s or a PT touches you and all you get is a wrinkled forehead and an “oh…..!”)

I asked him what he meant with this and he said “your left shoulder is tight and restricted too. Ever have problems with it?” Wonderful.


Today he also worked on abduction. I am still stuck at 90 degrees. Not cool.




I really did not see any improvement with this yet at all. It just feels “stuck”.


My least favorite exercise was saved for last. Trying to get my arm parallel to the ear and hold it there for a few seconds.

I am really not a wimp, I can take a lot but today I was at my absolute limit. Mentally and physically with this exercise and the pain it created. We are not talking discomfort – we are talking….




I had to really try very hard to stay civilized and not smack my PT by sheer reflex, just to stop what he is doing. The first five reps were tough. The following 20 (!!!) were brutal. Two things he keeps telling me during those exercises… “breath” and “this is where you want to be”.


He gave me credit for sticking with my home exercises and said I need to keep on doing them to make the capsule nice and elastic again. I hope my capsule is getting the memo on this.

While he was at it, I asked him if my shoulder actually “can” pop out during this but I was told it can not. But he does know, it feels like he is tearing the shoulder. How very comforting.


At home I was done for the day. Much like this guy, thinking “don’t look at me. Don’t talk to me.”




I still think it will pay off in the long run but today was rough, no sugar coating it.



2 thoughts on “Rough day at the PT office

  1. I suffered for 6years with shoulder issues in the end I had bicep tendonitis surgery I’m 2 years since surgery and things are going downhill again 😭 its an absolute pain! All the physio can ease but I found it didn’t help. I did use a chiropractor for some time which helped me gain more movement but it’s very painful. I did the whole MRI, coatazone injections and cried through it all. So I feel your pain! I hope you get some ease soon xxxx

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