Progress at PT




Back at my new hang out place – the physical therapy office.

Got a huge compliment from my PT today, he measured my external rotation in abduction and said, it’s almost identical to the other arm. Quote “we always can tell who does the exercises and who wants to get better. We love patients like you.”

I am so glad I chose to go the PT route with this.




My forward flexion has improved again from last time, forgot how many degrees but enough to be noticed.


I pointed out that the whole area around my shoulder blade is aching, so he took a look. Since the shoulder is pretty complex, it’s all connected. If something in the front is off, something in the back will be off.


Mine is the R side.



He tried to lift my shoulder blade a touch away from the ribs, to loosen things up  – no chance. It was so tight, he could not even get his fingertips underneath. So I guess we will work on that for a while as well.


I am not there to socialize but when you wait for your PT, you look around, right? I noticed several types of people at PT.

There are those who think they have to show off and pump weights in a very fast, aggressive way with the attitude “this is nothing to me” and then there are always some folks with the “I don’t give a shit” attitude, sitting on the bike and biking in slow motion or not doing their exercises at all, while being busy on the cell phone. Must be frustrating being a PT.

One thing about my PT is super irratating by the way. He “looks” like my PT but he “talks” like my dentist. Hm.




Overall I am super happy with the progress so far. I don’t get those zingers from hell as much anymore and my ROM is improving. As long as there is improvement, I am good.


Slow but steady wins the race.



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