PT – the real deal

The good news first – I am making progress already with my ROM and this after only one PT!

Yesterday I was at the supermarket, grabbed a can from a higher shelf, put it in the basket and stopped in my tracks, thinking…. “what just happened??” 




And then I realized, I had just reached for something higher with my frozen shoulder (!) and did it without a problem and no agonizing pain was shooting through my arm either. I literally had the above dogs look on my face!


I also had my first real full session of physical therapy now. It lasted a good hour and my PT was nice, attentive and very hands on.

Of course I met some interesting characters as well. The receptionist acted like she has never seen me before, one lady told me the entire biography of her purple Mickey Mouse socks while another older guy stood half naked in the corner, massaging his back on the wall and felt obligated to give nonstop commentary to my exercises. Ugh.





My PT wanted to see a demonstration of my homework and I was measured. I already improved 10 degrees on flexion…




…and 14 degrees on this. Good stuff!!




I made friends with the pulley and he stretched me a few different ways as well. Some went well, others not so much. I am not a fan of having my arm stretched across my chest and I was seriously not thrilled having my arm lifted up, so it’s almost parallel to my ear and held down, to “get a good stretch”.

The stretch was definetly there but it was pretty rough. At some point I heard a loud crack coming from my shoulder. I guess those were adhesions breaking. (I remember recovering from hip surgery No. 1 and No. 2, I had a ton of scar tissue and adhesions and getting up from a chair sounded like popcorn cracking in there.)

He did this 10 times and I was so glad when it was over; only to hear “and now another ten.”




My PT said I have to stretch till I feel discomfort otherwise it does not stretch the capsule. Makes sense. At the moment my shoulder capsule is tight as tight can be and has adhesions.

He assumes I am in the “frozen stage” already but he also said I am responding well to PT.  Now I have one day off from PT and then twice PT, back to back.

No rest for the weary.



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