And the show must go on…


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When I was at  PT  I was also asked what my goals are from PT. That was easy –  I want my  ROM  back and better quality of sleep. Simple as that.

Sleeping is becoming more and more difficult for me.

My R shoulder gets sore if I lay on it for too long, laying on the back I need to prop up the shoulder & my R arm gets stuck in midair; on the tummy is not ideal either and of course my arm is throbbing too. I am not digging this.




More motions that are becoming challenging are giving a hug, shaving arm pits (maybe TMI but I am just being real) and reaching for the backseat while sitting in the drivers seat is monstrous.

Doing a pedicure on my R foot is also not a piece of cake. Having screws in my hip limits my reach down there as it is and combining it off with a frozen shoulder now really tops it off. I guess it’s time to have my twinkle toes done by a professional.


On the bright side of things – I actually had a pretty good nights sleep after visiting the  PT  office. I think my  PT  releasing the muscle, which I now even know what it’s called…




…actually helped already. My shoulder felt more relaxed and I was able to sleep through. Rare these days.

I also was not hurting too much after PT  BUT… I also did not have a full PT session yet. My first therapy was mostly talking about medical history, measuring and “some” PT. Might be a whole different story once somebody cranks my shoulder around for over a full hour.


Started my new exercises too. So far I got 9 exercises, each 15x, 3x/ day. My first round was not good. I rotated my shoulder a tiny bit too much – it left me in tears during that exercise. I hope not to experience thay any time soon again.




4 thoughts on “And the show must go on…

      1. I had to really concentrate to not ‘bounce’ trying to eek that little bit more out. Then just holding at the limit to let gravity try and stretch a bit more. In my case, over time I would have several days of good progress, then ‘whoops’ try a bit too hard and lose ground. I hope your shoulder responds good for you!

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      2. I am definitely not bouncing. I am going back very, very slowly and stop when I can’t anymore. Over time I will reach more I am sure. Thank you for commenting.


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