Evaluation day




You know you have spent too much time in your PT office when you are greeted by the receptionist with the words… “oh, you are back!”

It was strange for me to be back since I spent last year five months in this office and worked by butt off after my hip fracture. Brought back a lot of memories.


I was evaluated by the head guy of the office who has over 40 years of experience in this field. We first went over the anatomy of the shoulder, which tendons lead where, which muscles pull which direction, etc., how it’s all “supposed” to work.


He asked me to demonstrate my  ROM  and I was measured. Extension was 90 degrees of 175 degrees. Not great.

I was told all other degrees as well but at some point they became too many to remember. Basically, ROM is quite limited but the good news is, I am still early in this journey and he actually thinks with proper PT, I will respond well to it and it won’t take too long to recover from. Music to my ears.




Exercises I did, were the pendulum in all four directions and several stretching exercises while holding an about two feet long stick for balance. Some exercises I did on my own, on some stretches he stretched me further than I would have chosen to go.

He was happy with it, while I was having a tough time and seriously thought “another second and my shoulder WILL  pop out of the socket!!!”


I actually did increase my degrees of  ROM  already within one visit  BUT  it was not pretty.

He was gentle and careful but some of those “let’s see if we can go a little further”-exercises were rather tough. I felt like somewhere else entirely, hearing “push, push, push, push!” next to my ear.




I was also told some muscles connect to the ribs in front and mine were  SUPER,  SUPER  EXTRA tight. So tight it pulled the shoulder out of position, my R shoulder sat higher than the L and the shoulder blade was not gliding correctly anymore either. It’s all connected and if one thing is off, it affects everything else.

This was not the reason why I have adhesive capsulitis but it’s not helping either.

(Makes sense now why I have to prop up that shoulder at night even when on my back. He went ahead and “released” the muscle and told me I am making a good effort.)

The previously mentioned neck muscles he also took a look at and were commented with “this whole area is hard as cement.” (I know.)


For the upcoming weeks he wants me to come in 3x a week. He was pretty confident that he will get a good grip on the situation.

After icing my shoulder I left with instructions on homework. Which exercises to do how many times, how many overall reps and the whole fun 3x a day.


Looks like I have my work cut out for me.




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