Lessons learnt so far

This whole shoulder disorder is new to me, so naturally I am making mistakes but the learning curve is steep.


I have learnt to:

  • NOT  do an exercise I saw on youtube on my own. Granted, it was only wall walking but the payback pain was enormous.
  • NOT  try to reach for something that is higher than I can at the moment.
  • NOT  try vaccuum clean under the bed with that arm. Really bad position.
  • NOT  have your OS crank up your arm beyond where it should go.
  • NOT  assume people know what a frozen shoulder is and what all comes with it. They don’t.


For now I am nursing my aching shoulder and hope it calms down soon. Ever since my OS did his thing with my shoulder, it feels bruised on the inside.




I guess it’s a little pre-taste for PT which I am starting in a few days.




I also have issues with my Trapezius muscle. It’s stiff and hard as a rock. I am sure that’s not helping. Maybe my PT can take a look at it, since he is at it.




I had to redo my pillow arrangements in bed, yet again, to make sure my shoulder is comfortable and gets support at night. With all the pillows I have by now I feel like I am turning into “princess with a pea”.



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