MRI and results

I finally found the right combination of pillows, to prop up my arm at night. It was pure heaven, to let go of the arm (within my limits of movement) and feel rested. Sleep is so not overrated.




I also had my R shoulder  MRI  this week. I have been many times to this office and people know me well there.

Since I am not doing too good in normal MRI’s I was lucky to get into an open MRI but even the “open” one needed additional love. They pushed me in several times, as test runs, so I can get used to it and even suggested I can come back another day, but I figure “I am claustrophobic today, I will be claustropobic tomorrow”. No difference, so I sucked it up and 20 minutes later I was done.





I saw my  OS  and the verdict of the  MRI  is in. It is official now – it is adhesive capsulitis, in the early stages. Lovely.

So, I guess 2019 is the dedicated year of the shoulder. 2013 – 2018 my hips kept me busy, now it’s the shoulder. I like to keep things fresh.




He wants me to do “aggressive” PT, 3x a week/ 6 weeks, to really work on range of motion, so my joint won’t lock up aka gets “frozen”. Sounds ouch but I trust him. In six weeks we see where I am at. Good or bad.



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