Restricted ROM


Here are the promised pictures of my R shoulders restricted movement, 3 months in. Date is March 4th 2019, so I can compare it to next month and see if I progress, get worse or stay the same.

I don’t think it takes much explanation, as one can see clearly the free range of motion of my L, versus the R.

And yes, this is it. It just is not possible to go much further.






Reaching behind my back. And this was on “a good day”.



My R shoulder is stuck and won’t go down as the left.



Sleeping is becoming more difficult since I can not relax my R arm, it’s aching and often keeping me awake; side sleeping on my R is not fun (even less fun since this is my go-to side to fall asleep) and sleeping on the tummy is challenging because of the position my shoulder is in. Basically – good times.

Every night I experiment with a different variety of orthopedic pillows, pile pillows up next me and hope “this is it”. So far I have not found the ideal combination.

Another night – another try.




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