What actually is “frozen shoulder”?




Here is what I know so far about frozen shoulders.


  • the majority of people getting it are woman
  • age wise it happens most likely between 40 and 60
  • it’s still considered a mystery in the orthopedic world
  • it can happen if you experienced trauma or surgery to the shoulder, have an autoimmune disease, hormonal changes, problems with your thyroid or you suffer from diabetes. Or just because.


In my case – all I am guilty of is the age and the sex. Nothing else. I have two operated hips but otherwise – healthy as a horse. I guessed I lucked out…




My assumption is, there was inflammation going on, I rested the shoulder and in that time, adhesions formed. (As I said, nobody knows, I am just assuming.)


I also think my hormones are playing a joke on me again. I already get menstrual migraines every month because of hormone changes, so maybe they also influenced the lining of the capsule?

With my body anything is possible. I never pick the obvious, I always go for the funky stuff.


Frozen shoulder in a nutshell:

From what I understand there was inflammation in and around the joint going on and eventually the capsule got thicker, swelled, scarred, adhesions formed and shrunk. The combination of it all hinders the shoulder from moving smoothly and freely and it comes to pain and restricted movement. The perfect storm.






I got myself already a shoulder icepack and a shoulder heating pad. I looked what else is available for frozen shoulder, to make life a little easier, and came upon this…. frozen  BOAR (!)  for sale. Not quite what I had in mind…



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