The beginning…

I think it might be best to start with a quick introduction – I am 45, married and live in the US.

The last six years I was in continous recovery mode. First from two labral tear surgeries in my hips, combined with two stress fractures in my pelvis. Took me a good three years to recover from and then I broke the whole darn hip in a super freak ski accident and yep, started all the way at square 1 again.





In the last four years I was a total of 11 months on crutches, learnt 3x how to walk again, spent more time in my orthopedics office than I wanted and worked my butt off with PT.

I am now on the better side again and I was planning on making 2019 a year without any orthopedic issues but I guess my body decided, “now would be a really good time to get the shoulder involved”. Ugh.


I am a very active person, was very sidelined last year because of my fractured hip and a lovely five months on crutches, but towards the end of the year I was just getting back into the swing of things when the shoulder pain started.




There was no specific injury or trauma I can think of. It literally came out of nowhere.

I was cooking and the next thing I knew I was holding my AC joint because of a deep spasm and super deep ache. Since nothing happenend previously, I treated it with rest and a hot water bottle which seemed comforting.


For the next few weeks my shoulder was aching; sometimes more, sometimes less. I made several appointments with my OS, but kept canceling since the shoulder would feel better once the appointment came closer and once canceled, it would feel worse again.

I played this game for several weeks but at some point I had it and went to see my OS. He knows me very well from my previous hip surgeries and he is a smart cookie.

In his oppinion I had “bursitis and tendonitis” and I was sent home with the advice to rest, take 2 Ibuprofen every day and ice for 2-3 weeks and come back if it’s not better.

I followed his advice but did not see improvement, rather the opposite. Certain movements were becoming difficult, I could barely touch my right back pocket in my  jeans with my R arm anymore for example. Range of motion just felt restricted.


Since my first appointment, I have lost even more ROM and if I do leave my “comfort zone” for a split second, to catch something, throw or reach something… there is pain shooting through my shoulder like lightning. The pain is very sharp, very quick and incredibly nasty. It brings you to tears within two seconds.




I have made a lot of research now and I am sure I am developing a frozen shoulder, as my OS confirmed at my last appointment. Next step – MRI, which will be extra fun since I am claustrophobic.


As I said, I am only three months into this and new to the world of frozen shoulders.

Talk to me about arthrocopic surgery for labrum tears, hip anatomy, PT exercises; if you want to top it, try me for a complete hip fracture. I can tell you a fair deal about it but shoulders?? Never had a problem there.

All I know is, I am gradually loosing range of motion of my dominant arm, I get pain from hell and back if I do the wrong move, I have sleepless nights with radiating pain down my arm and this is not heading in the direction I wanted to go in 2019.

Good news though? My pain level has risen over the last few years, I am a very patient woman and I have kept a good attitude throughout. I am not sure what’s ahead but I will tackle it.


Time to brush up on shoulder anatomy.






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