Kissing frozen shoulder goodbye!

I had a few more PT sessions and have now not only completed my PT program, I have  FULL  range of motion back as well!

My PT gave me a home exercise program to do. Some exercises daily, some twice a week, some three times a week.

It was pretty time consuming to go there 3x a week for almost two months but it so paid off. I am so glad I did not listen to people who advised me “against PT”. Maybe they had bad experiences, but all I can say is, it worked for me. It took me six months to get over it and I am glad to have my shoulder back.




One of the weirdest moments lately was when I went from being restricted behind my back to being able to reach my bra over night. Seriously – over night!! What a mysterious condition. Comes out of nowhere and disappears, just like that, as if nothing ever happened. Strangest thing.

For now I am doing my exercises on my own and we’ll see how that works out. If I need another few PT’s, I can go back and fine tune things. Unfortunately my PT is leaving the office though. Why do always the good ones leave?


Baby weights

Had two PT sessions back to back.

Usually my PT asks me how the shoulder is when he sees me. This time he asked “what do we say to the god of death?” I had no clue what he was talking about till it clicked. “Not today.” I passed. (I am sure a few people will get it.)




We did the same exercises as we always do, flexion has advanced and I m only two fingers width, from touching the table behind me, away but slowly I would think he’d be happy with this.

He keeps pushing down real hard, so hard that I even told him “you do know that a shoulder has a natural limit to where it can go, right??” I was told “yes. The table.” End of discussion.


I have advanced to working out with baby weights now. A cute, 1 lbs. little dumbbell in pink. Doesn’t look like much but work the rotator cuffs with those and you end up saying “burn baby burn” as well.




He also told me two good news. I am making really good progress and it’s just  another few weeks of PT altogether and we can go down from 3x a week to 2x a week. Yay.

Combined with my orthopedic surgeon being in the same building and new drama with my hip building up (, I am so often in that building – I feel like I live there. Will be nice to cut down some and have more time again.






Short and sweet

Last time PT for this week.

Did I mention that my PT does not consider me a “frozen shoulder” patient anymore? Now it’s all about strengthening and still working on some ROM but no more major restrictions. Yay.

We did the same exercises as last time, including the 180 reps of three different exercises,  30 reps for the rotator cuff and just when you think you can kiss your arm goodbye, here comes a new exercise with 30 reps. Whew!



I am DONE  afterwards but I love seeing the progress. PT definitely had its moments but I am so glad I chose PT for this condition.



The dead arms tale

At  PT  we finally started with very light strength training. I first warmed up my shoulder with the usual exercises and then my PT showed me three different exercises to improve the  ROM  of my shoulder blade and to isolate the rotator cuff muscles and strengthen them at the same time.


The exercises did not include weights, just my own body weight and the weight of my arm. And for the beginning that was plenty too.

I was told “I  could experience fatigue around 30 reps”. Uh huh. My muscles were burning at….13!

Nevertheless, in the end I did 3x 30 reps and since it was oh so much fun, the same thing all over again. My arm felt dead after 180 of those, but I did it.




The goofball – PT from last week stopped by to say while my arm was being stretched to (almost) touch the table. He asked how I am doing and I told him “living the dream”.


I was surrounded by two other shoulder patients who did the exact same exercises as me, another person had hip pain and then there were tight hamstrings as well. I know all of those issues and can not recommend them.


My flexion with my R shoulder is at 175 degrees right now, sometimes I can tickle the   table behind me with my fingers but not every day. My PT said 180 degrees would be optimal but he is not going to push me to get there since I am borderline there already, at this point we will concentrate more on strengthening.




Stretching and dragons

Today I was back in my comfort zone – with “my” PT.

We did the usual exercises and he was happy with the ROM I have kept and some I have gained. Next week we will add strength training.




My shoulder shows big improvement on internal & external rotation and when I stretch my arms over my head, I am only three fingers width away from touching the table behind me.

I also can feel a significant difference in the movement of my shoulder blade. Yay!


One way to help go through tough exercises was talking about the new season of “game of thrones”. Time flew by and I was distracted from pain. Win win situation.





I also can lay in full “superman position” on the floor, stretching both arms straight out. I am not sure where this will get me in life, but it’s good to know.




As so in real life…



My nights are very mixed lately. I either sleep really good, then a few nights super bad and then so so. No real reason for it.


For the moment I am supposed to keep doing the same exercises as I have done so far. Some 3x a day, some 2x a day.


So far, so good. I am content with the progress.




First prize for “most bizarre” PT goes to…

My  PT couldn’t make it today and I was reschedule with another guy who I never had before. He was a young guy, nice; but the session was in one word – awkward.




Started off by him not knowing what injury, leave alone “body part” I am even there for. He admitted, he has not been filled in and when he asked how I usually start, I told him “with the pulley”. Answer: “ah, frozen shoulder”. Bingo. One step closer.




After my pulley warm up he was nowhere to be found and once I finally saw him, he was excellent at not making eye contact and busying himself with other patients, which was getting on my nerves.

I understand PT’s get several patients at the same time and run forth and back but it just did not seem efficient that he was sitting next to an old lady, who had an icepack on her leg, doing small talk, while I am waiting around and wasting time.

I did as many stretches on my own as I could but there are some I just need a PT for and that’s the reason why I am going there in the first place.


After 25 minutes of absolutely nothing happening, my patience was running real low. If he would not have shown up for another five minutes, I would have left and make a stink about it. Luckily for him, he showed up.

He apologized for the delay but said he got several patients on top of his, so he is scrambling. (Hm, each time I saw him, he looked pretty chilled, but whatever.)


Anyways, he really had no idea what kind of stretches to do, how many reps, nothing. I told him to check in my file but he didn’t, so I guided him through the exercises.




He liked my  ROM  and said for having a frozen shoulder since 5 months I am doing really good but also asked me “if I am not a bit young for having this.”

(I swear, a dollar for each time I hear this….  I have lost count how many times I have heard this in the last six years, also during my three hip surgery recoveries. People always act like I signed up for all of this.)


In general the stretches he did on/ with me were the same as my usual  PT  does but he put his own twist on it and I mean “twist”. At some point he stretched my R arm across the chest so far that I told him “you do know that the goal is stretching – not unpopping the shoulder, right??”

He also had the tendency to bounce the deep stretches, complete with the soundtrack “bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce!” to it. Now I know “frozen shoulder & bouncing” should never be in one sentence.




As one of the last exercises, I told him to help me stretch the muscles around my shoulder blade, which love to be super extra tight. He had never done this before and looked at me like I am from planet Mars.

He then tried and failed…. to find my shoulder blade. While he was on his search party, I had to give him directions (!) where to look for it. I mean, coooome on! It was so awkward that I asked him in all seriousness if he really is a PT.

And once he found it, he did really weird moves with it. It seemed real clumsy.




I have no idea what my night will be like, could be one for the books again since he not only stretched but overstretched me.

Hopefully next time my usual  PT  is back. I never have good experiences getting shoved into some other PT’s schedule. In case that’s the case again in the future, it’s a “thanks but no thanks” from me.





Zombie nights

I guess my good night sleep spell is over.

My PT up-ed the abduction exercises from 5x/ twice a day to 10x/ twice a day and ever since I am back at having night pain; my shoulder, arm and shoulder blade area is aching like there is no tomorrow.




I am fine during the day but nights are crappy.

There is hardly any sleep, I can not find a comfortable position for my shoulder and arm and it’s not restful. I told my PT about it and we went back to 5x/ twice a day but I still can not sleep well, leave alone sleep through.




Yesterday was my day off from anything PT related, to give my muscles a rest. Rest is as important as using your muscles. It gives them time to restore.

I hope it did the trick and I can find some sleep again.